Atlantida Travel Advisory 2020

It seems that as the World gets smaller, we tend to worry more about travel. It is understandable. With so many terror attacks around the World, is there any place where you are safe? The answer is a definite yes! There are many safe destinations around the World. We tend to think of destinations in Latin America and Africa as unsafe, and in some ways, they can be so. But it is not fair to put a label on a country and apply it uniformly. Atlantida, on the Caribbean Coast of Honduras is very safe for travel. However, we do believe that we should provide you with the following Atlantida Travel Advisory 2020 so that you know what to expect when visiting our destination.

Expect many friendly English-speaking locals in Atlantida! Yes the Caribbean Coast of Honduras is where the term “Banana Republic” was coined. This was because two of the most important banana corporations in the World established themselves. Atlantida was home to the Standard Fruit Company (Dole) as well as to United Fruit Brands (Chiquita Banana)! The people of Atlantida are used to seeing foreigners in their territory and many learned English. In addition, the natives of the Bay Islands of Honduras, who travel back and forth from the Islands to La Ceiba still prefer to speak in English. It is easier to find English speaking locals in Atlantida that elsewhere in Latin America! Of course, if you want to practice your Spanish, locals will be happy to assist you!

You will be impressed by the local natural areas. Yes, we must warn you that you will not find more diverse protected areas in such a small territory elsewhere in the World! This is an important part of our Atlantida Travel Advisory 2020 tips. Be prepared to hike trails in the tropical forests of Central America. But also expect to paddle through marine estuaries, narrow mangrove canals and listen to howler monkeys howl ferociously at you from the mangrove treetops. At the same time, keep an eye out for the alligators that are lurking the swamps next to the canals where you are paddling.

Pico Bonito Trails

Spectacular view looking down river from the Cangrejal River swing bridge

If this perhaps is too much for you, you may prefer to take a trip to Cayos Cochinos, where you will find magnificent reefs and cays with a blossoming Garifuna culture. Many travelers get a sense of peacefulness while the snorkel reefs and get a glimpse at a stingray or a sea turtle gliding though the reefs underwater. And then of course, is the chance to explore natural hot springs in the jungle and get a soothing massage. The alternatives are endless, so be prepared to be surprised many times in different ways!

Cayos Cochinos, A Caribbean Paradise

Aerial View of Chachahuate Cay, Cayos Cochinos. Foto: DMO Atlantida image bank

If you find that your adrenaline level is getting low, and you need a boost, then Atlantida is the perfect destination for you. Beware, our Atlantida Travel Advisory 2020 recommends that you take caution! You will find several different zip line canopy tours in the destination. Nothing like getting a bird’s eye of the jungle below you as you fly between the tree canopy in the tropical jungle. You may need to cool off after your adventure flying between treetops. Prepare for some World Class white water rafting down the scenic Cangrejal River. Navigate between building sized boulders as you negotiate the fast water through them. Please make sure you are wearing you best smile for those that might see you from the riverbanks. We do not want them to think are having too good of a time!


Living an extreme adventure in Atlantida: Canyoneering in Nombre de Dios National Park

If white water rafting or kayaking is not for you, then perhaps you should take a hike into the forests and find some stunning waterfalls, and then rappel down their face to the natural water pools below. This is canyoneering at its best! Make sure you bring your camera with you. You will want to make sure you share this with your buddies. They may die of envy though, so proceed with caution when you share the photos of your adventure!

A Caribbean paradise

Garifuna dugout canoes at Chachahuate, Cayos Cochinos. Foto: DMO Atlantida

You may be in search of learning and sharing with a unique culture. Be prepared for such an experience! The Garifuna Culture is alive and thriving in Atlantida. The UNESCO declared this culture a cultural heritage of Humanity. There are 10 different Garifuna Villages that are either in Atlantida or easily reached from our destination. You listen to their language, drink a shot of guifity, their own unique alcoholic medicinal secret, or taste their gastronomy. It is important that you are aware of this Atlantida Travel Advisory 2020 before you visit Atlantida. We would not want to see you suffer from over fatigue from so many fun things to do. Furthermore, you are not going to want to miss out on any of them!

The Beach at Indura

The Beach Bar on the beach of Indura Resort Complex

However, we are not yet finished with our Atlantida Travel Advisory 2020! Atlantida has some of the best beaches in Central America! Yes, after all that serious hiking, adrenaline pumping and interacting with a unique culture, you can still find a beach to relax in and soak in some good ole tropical sun.

There are many different beaches to choose from. You elect a tranquil beach within a protected area in Atlantida. But you might prefer a beach next to a Garifuna community where you can taste their unique gastronomy and friendly service. Or perhaps you now need a comfortable, world class resort where you will be pampered and can recover from a unique adventure. In any case, we do hope that our Atlantida Travel Advisory 2020 prepares you adequately to cope with a unique travel experience in Atlantida. Truly one of the most complete and safe destinations in Central America!