Canyoneering in Atlantida

I don´t know about you… But when I see videos of extreme adventures, I am always up for them. This happens when I see skydiving, rappelling and mountaineering videos. But then I remember that I am not really fit enough for all these extreme activities. Fortunately, not all these activities require much more that an average physical condition. At least one of these activities is readily available in Atlantida. I am referring to canyoneering in Atlantida, which is about descending waterfalls by rappelling down their face!


Living an extreme adventure in Atlantida: Canyoneering in Nombre de Dios National Park

The high-end Las Cascadas Eco Lodge at the Cangrejal River Valley offers this unique adventure. They are within the buffer zone of the Nombre de Dios National Park and offer this tour to their guests. Fortunately, you do not need to be staying in their facilities to enjoy this thrilling adventure. Above all, you will need to have made reservations up front to enjoy this activity. They require a minimum of two persons and have a maximum of 5 per tour. This size is ideal for a family or a group of adventure friends between 2 and 5 persons.

Your adrenaline filled adventure begins at Las Cascadas Lodge. There you will meet your guide, get your harnesses adjusted, put on a helmet and get instructions. A short 20-minute hike into the tropical rainforests of Nombre de Dios National Park will take you to a hidden waterfall after about 20 minutes. You will first see a lovely crystal-clear creek flowing down the mountain. As you follow its Flow, you Will soon be at the top of a 40-foot plus waterfall. This is where your Canyoneering in Atlantida adventure will begin!

Honduras Waterfall Descents, the company that operates the tour will provide you will all the necessary equipment. This includes harnesses, pulleys with breaks, helmets and ropes. Of course, professional guides with plenty of experience are part of the deal. They have pre-installed anchor points throughout the tour, to facilitate the activity and provide maximum safety. You are required to provide and adventurous spirit and bring shoes that will get wet as you practice canyoneering in Atlantida. The operating company recommends that you bring a light wind – rain breaker to keep you warm in the cold water. Remember, despite that fact that you are in a tropical rainforest, the water in the creek comes from high in the Nombre de Dios Mountains! During the tour, you will be descending a total of 4 waterfalls!

You will find a nice pool at the bottom of each fall. This is ideal to relax, take pictures and encourage your tour companions as they take their turn. The tour duration is between 3 and 5 hours, depending on the group size. If you are not staying at Las Cascadas Lodge, you should be staying at one of the lodges in the Cangrejal River Valley area. Most other hotels are within 2 miles of Las Cascadas Lodge. Your canyoneering in Atlantida tour will be one of the highlights of your trip. You will cherish the experience for many years. Are you up to this grand adventure?