The Cangrejal River Valley

The Cangrejal River Valley, located just a few miles outside of La Ceiba, offers one of the most complete eco tourism hubs in all of Central America!

The Cangrejal River is the Adventure and Nature hub of Atlantida! Here you will find a variety of small eco conscious hotels, tour operators and adventure outfitters that offer more options that you can actually enjoy in a week stay. Anything from white water rafting and kayaking to rappelling and canyoneering, zip line canopy tours and horseback riding in the jungle are available. In addition, a network of trails in two different national parks provides both hiking and outstanding bird watching opportunities.

Natural Border Between Two National Parks
The Cangrejal River is the natural boundary between two different national parks: Pico Bonito on the West bank and Nombre de Dios on the East Bank. In addition to the nature and adventure options, the Cangrejal River Valley is also ideal to simply sit back, relax and catch up with yourself while you enjoy the sounds of nature.
Disconnect From Every Day Life
The Cangrejal River Valley offers a respite from the hot, humid heat that you will find in the city of La Ceiba. It has a micro climate that is several degrees cooler. This valley presents a unique scenic setting, with huge, home sized boulders laying on the river bed and creating special natural pools to swim in. The water temperature is another pleasant surprise. Normally, mountain water can be ice cold, but you will find the water temperature of the Cangrejal River to be delightfully pleasant.
Service Offerings
Best of all, is the accessibility. Usually, you must travel for hours to get to a truly natural spot with outstanding scenery; in this case, the Cangrejal River Valley is only 25 minutes away from downtown La Ceiba and 45 minutes from the ferry terminals in town! If you add the fact that there are over 10 small lodges sprinkled along the valley that offer different lodging options, it begins to sound like if it is almost too good to be true…

Come and explore the Cangrejal River Valley, and discover the top eco tourism spot in Honduras. Believe me, you will be happy you did so!

Places in The Cangrejal River Valley

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