La Ceiba

La Ceiba is the capital of Atlantida and the largest and most important city within the department. It is also one of the major hubs for tourism in the upcoming destination!

La Ceiba is nestled between the Nombre de Dios Mountain Range and the Caribbean Sea. This is truly a unique geographic location that provides for many different activities. It is commonly referred to as “Honduras’ Bride” mainly because of the friendly festive atmosphere. It has also has carved itself a reputation as the eco tourism capital in Honduras.

La Ceiba is blessed by having 4 very different protected areas within its environs: Pico Bonito and Nombre de Dios National Parks offer rugged rain forests teeming with crystal clear rivers and creeks rushing towards the Caribbean Sea. The Cuero y Salado Wildlife Refuge offers a setting of marine estuaries that are home to the endangered Caribbean Manatee, and Cayos Cochinos AKA Hog Cays Marine Monument is home to some of the most pristine Caribbean islands and cays you will find anywhere! La Ceiba is the only destination in both Central America and the Caribbean where you can enjoy World class white water rafting or go diving in some of the best preserved coral reef gardens in the Caribbean!

Unforgettable Vacations
To talk about La Ceiba is to talk about nature, adventure, beach and sun… It is truly a very complete and diverse destination. La Ceiba is also the gateway to the Bay Islands of Honduras. There are several daily departures from La Ceiba via the local ferries to the Islands of Utila and Roatan. In addition, there are also flights using the La Ceiba Goloson International airport.
Banana Companies
La Ceiba came to be mostly by the influence of the banana companies that established themselves in Atlantida at the turn of the XXth century. The Vacaro Brothers Company, that later became the Standard Fruit Company (Dole) has been an important economic motor for the development of the city. Today, the company still has its Honduras headquarters in La Ceiba. Although no longer as influential as it once was, it still is an important stake holder in the city.
The Best Places to Stay
There are many different hotels and lodging options in and around La Ceiba. From deluxe beach front properties, such as the Quinta Real Hotel and the all inclusive Palma Real Resort, to basic hostels and of course, a variety of eco lodges to accommodate the traveler that is interested in exploring the magnificent nature surrounding the city. Some of these lodges, such as the famous Lodge at Pico Bonito actually are located within the park and offer direct access to trails from their site. La Ceiba is famous throughout Central America for its nightlife. During the weekends, a diversity of businesses offer an outstanding club scene, with good music and tropical cocktails.
La Ceiba is a multicultural destination. You will find a variety of ethnic groups with diverse cultures, including the Garifuna people, whose distinct culture has been awarded Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity status by the UNESCO. In addition, Miskito Indians, descendants of the original British colonizers of the Bay Islands as well as North Americans that originally came as executives and employees of the Banana Companies all live in perfect harmony in La Ceiba.

Come and discover La Ceiba! A hub within Atlantida that will amaze you!


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