Nombre de Dios National Park

Nombre de Dios National Park is the youngest National Park in Atlantida, having achieved that status as recently as 15 years ago.

Access to the Nombre de Dios National Park is easy! Its western boundary is the Cangrejal River and the eastern limits are marked by the Papaloteca River. To the north it is limited by the Caribbean Sea, and there are three Garifuna communities within its limits: Corozal and Sambo Creek in La Ceiba and Nueva Armenia in Jutiapa.

Although at first glance it might seem like a continuation of Pico Bonito National Park, Nombre de Dios has a couple of unique differentiating assets that make it unique and complementary to Pico Bonito: First of all, Nombre de Dios National Park has as its northern boundary the Caribbean Sea; second, it has three Garifuna communities within its territory, and third, there are many different hot springs within the Park. This said, we can certainly say that Nombre de Dios National Park is the gateway to the Cayos Cochinos Marine Monument, as the tours that depart for the Hog Cays do so either from Sambo Creek or Nueva Armenia, two different Garifuna Villages that are within the park!

Another unique asset within this National Park is the Cacao Lagoon. This is a small marine estuary that is completely surrounded by mangrove forests. It offers a unique insight to life in the wetlands and coastal lagoons of Central America. The lagoon and surroundings are home to howler and white face monkeys, as well as to a variety of reptiles and marine birds. Motor boats are not allowed within the lagoon. This means that you will need to paddle in a kayak or a dugout canoe to get around the canals and explore the area!

The Natural Hot Springs in Nombre de Dios National Park are truly a unique product. Many of them are hidden in the dense tropical forests but some are actually easily accessible and even have some infrastructure. This includes trails and decks to help you get to the springs and enjoy the soothing and relaxing waters in the middle of the jungle. Certainly an experience that you should live!

Nombre de Dios National Park is a unique natural treasure in Atlantida that is waiting to be discovered by you! Discover the different protected areas within Atlantida!


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