The Visit Atlantida Theme Travel Guides are the result of our efforts to help you plan you vacation in Atlantida. They represent some ideas of how you can plan your stay in our destination. For your convenience, we have arranged activities in five different themes. The 5 themes are: Nature and Eco Tourism; Short Breaks; Beach & Sun; Rural Tourism; and Active Adventure. Feel free to read through them, download them and plan your vacations. Towards the end of each of our theme guides you will find a directory with the names of the tour operators and lodges that provide quality service in Atlantida. Feel free to reach out to them and have them help you create the perfect Atlantida experience for you!

Nature and Eco–Tourism

For those who love nature!

Atlantida is a magnificent nature and eco tourism destination. With a total of 8 protected areas within its erritory, of which 7 offer tourism related services and experiences, Atlantida is one of the most complete eco tourism destinations in Central America and the Caribbean. Come to Atlantida, enjoy the variety of experiences that will provide one of the most memorable adventures of your lifetime!

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Short Breaks

Do you have some time to spare?

Atlantida is a magnificent destination for a short break vacation. Here you will find a variety of events and optional activities, great restaurants to experience the local gastronomical flavors and above all, friendly people. Atlantida offers a rich heritage, where different cultural elements have come together to create an exciting and fun destination.

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Beach and Sun

Are you a beach lover?

Atlantida is a magnificent beach and sun destination. Here you will find a variety of beaches and resorts that are ideal for a truly unique vacation. Atlantida offers a coastli¬ne on the Caribbean of approximately 100 miles (160 Km.) offering a variety of different beaches, which we have grouped in three different categories: • Recreational Beaches, Authentic Beaches, Natural Paradise Beaches.

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Rural Tourism

Interested in local people and their culture?

Atlantida offers fantastic opportunities for outstanding community and rural tourism. The rich cultural heritage of the Garifuna people, together with the legacy of the North American Banana Companies, which played an important role in the rural and urban development of Atlantida provides for unique communities with a lot of history.

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Active Adventure

Are you up for some adrenaline?

Atlantida is the perfect tourism destination for adventures in a natural setting. Explore the National Parks, immerse yourself in the fun whitewaters of the Cangrejal River, hike and explore hidden waterfalls and fly through the tropical rain forest canopy in a zip line! If you are looking for a marine adventure, come and dive the magnificent coral reefs within Atlantida.

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