Beaches in Atlantida

For beach lovers, Atlantida is a paradise come true!

Beaches in Atlantida: So many you will have trouble finding your favorite one! You will find that there are many different options to choose from when it comes to beaches in Atlantida. We have grouped our beaches into three categories: recreational, authentic and natural.

Recreational beaches, which are those that are easy to reach, these are generally in front of beach resorts and in the larger cities. These beaches offer full services, including restaurants and bars, and some beach sport activities. You can also find what we call Authentic Beaches, which offer the charm of the Garifuna culture, awarded Intangible World Heritage status by the UNESCO. These beaches are typically within the Garifuna Villages, and you will find small hotels, basic restaurants and thatched roof huts where you can have a cold beer, a shot of guifity, and simply interact with this very authentic culture. Finally, the last category for beaches in Atlantida is the Natural Paradise Beaches, those that are close to coral reefs or within the national parks in Atlantida.

Recreational Beaches
The Recreational Beaches in Atlantida are those that are within the city limits or part of the different beach resorts within Atlantida. Tela offers the best recreational beaches in Atlantida, with a lovely beach in front of the city, as well as several high end beach resorts, including the Indura Beach and Golf Resort, Telamar Resort and La Ensenada Beach Resort. Within La Ceiba, you can also find some good recreational beaches, such as the ones at the Palma Real Resort. The Beaches at El Porvenir, the municipality adjacent to La Ceiba towards the West are also some of the best recreational beaches in Atlantida.
Authentic Beaches
The Authentic Beaches in Atlantida are those that offer the possibility of interacting with the Garifuna culture, there are many different Garifuna Villages in Atlantida, and in many of them you can actually overnight in small basic hotels or cabins, as well as have a meal at one of their restaurants. Within the Bay of Tela, you will find the communities of Miami, Tornabe, San Juan, La Ensenada and Triunfo de la Cruz. In most of these you will find some basic lodging facilities, as well as place to enjoy a typical Garifuna meal, a cold beer or even some guifity, a local beverage made from roots and herbs that is considered medicinal and even aphrodisiac. In the vicinity of La Ceiba, you can also find these beaches at the Garifuna towns of Corozal and Sambo Creek. These are within a few miles east of la Ceiba.
Natural Paradise Beaches
Natural Paradise Beaches are those that are hardest to get to. But they make you feel like a Robinson Crusoe, discovering a new world, where paradise really does exist in the form of a beach. These beaches in Atlantida are usually in far out and harder to reach areas. Perhaps the epitome of these beaches would be those that you will find in the Punta Sal Peninsula within the Jeannette Kawas National Park and those in the Cayos Cochinos Marine Monument just off the coast from La Ceiba. There are many others within the protected areas, but these two are certainly the easiest to get to. As a general rule, you will need the services of a tour operator to get you to these unique beaches.