Palma Real Resort

The largest hotel complex in Atlantida.

Easily the largest tourism complex in Atlantida, Palma Real consists 128 hotel rooms and over 200 3 bedroom villas and townhouses. Palma Real is located on a lovely beach directly across the channel from the Cayos Cochinos archipelago, which is clearly seen from the resort. The resort is located 22 km east of La Ceiba, on the main CA13 highway towards Trujillo, within the village of Roma in the municipality of Jutiapa. Palma Real is the only resort in La Ceiba that operates under the all inclusive mode, offering meals, beverages and entertainment in addition to the rooms.

The hotel rooms are spacious, and nicely appointed, offering everything you would expect in a beach front resort, including a front balcony with a hammock to relax and enjoy the cool ocean breeze.

Its proximity to extensive beaches, the Cayos Cochinos Islands, Garifuna Villages, such as Sambo Creek and some beautiful natural hot springs, make of this an outstanding place to stay and have an unforgettable experience!