Telamar Resort

Perhaps the most iconic hotel in Tela.

You cannot think of Tela and not dream up images of Telamar Resort. This is without doubt the most iconic property in Tela, perhaps of all Atlantida. Telamar has seen a major transformation over the years, and is now a deluxe beach resort with all of the amenities of world class beach resorts. A fantastic beach, a huge pool and even a 9 hole golf course are part of this charming resort. Telamar is the largest hotel property in Tela, and for that matter, probably in all of Atlantida. With 300 rooms, which span from deluxe resort rooms to family villas, the resort is ideal for those seeking a beach resort with all of the services, including a variety of restaurants and bars. Architecture is reminiscent of the golden Banana Era of Atlantida.