Fun and Entertainment in Atlantida

Atlantida, as many other coastal areas in Latin America, offers a friendly festive atmosphere that is truly attractive to visitors throughout the year.

Are you looking for Fun and entertainment in Atlantida? This is the perfect destination for a fun cultural time!  Of particular importance are a series of community fairs and carnivals, which when mixed with the naturally friendly attitude that the locals have can turn into a great party.

Central America was a Spanish colony during three full centuries, and as such, much of its culture and attitudes reflect this heritage. As a result, an important part of the population is Catholic, and under this scheme, it is normal that every town has a patron saint. The Catholic Church has a calendar where it celebrates its different saints on specific dates. Following this tradition, you will find that the biggest county and community fairs are directly related to the specific saint that the community acknowledges as its patron.

La Ceiba's Carnival
Without doubt, the biggest county fair in Honduras is celebrated in La Ceiba, Honduras, where the Patron Saint, Isidore, is remembered every month of May. It is in his honor that La Ceiba organizes a huge party that ends with a parade of floats and an all night carnival with live music in the streets. Many travelers within Honduras and Central America make it a point to come to town during the third week in May to celebrate this world famous carnival.
Tela's County Fair
Tela’s patron is Saint Anthony of Padua, and the fair in his honor takes place in the month of June. However, in addition to the county fairs in both Tela and La Ceiba, there are many other smaller celebrations in honor of the patron saints of the different villages. The Garifuna culture makes these even more colorful, especially in the different Garifuna communities in Atlantida.

None the less, I must state that it does not take a county fair or a special event to get a party going in Atlantida. The people of Atlantida love a good party, and you will find that whenever there is an excuse, they will get one going. Come, visit Atlantida and give us the perfect excuse to crank up a party for you! The Garifuna people love to get their drums out and beat a good rhythm, and you will find that their traditional dances are highly contagious! You will find plenty of fun and entertainment in Atlantida…