Cayos Cochinos

Also known as the Hog Cays, Cayos Cochinos is a small archipelago located a few miles off the coast of Atlantida, almost in front of the Garifuna Community of Sambo Creek in Atlantida.

The combination of turquoise blue waters, pristine white sand beaches, extremely healthy reefs and a unique Garifuna Village known as Chachahuate all contribute to giving this little piece of paradise a true “wow” effect that impresses visitors from near and afar.

Tour to Cayos Cochinos
The tour to Cayos Cochinos traditionally departs from the Garifuna Community in Sambo Creek. Departure time is usually around 8 a.m. and travel time to the Cays is around 45 minutes, although the actual travel time will depend very much on the surf conditions. Your first stop at Cayos Cochinos will be at the research center located on Cochino Menor, where you will register and see a short presentation of the park and receive instructions regarding your visit. If you are not on an organized tour, and have hired your own boat, this is where you will pay your entrance fee to the park. (The entrance fee is included in the tour price).
Pink Boa
After this short stop, you will continue on to Cochino Mayor the larger of the cays to enjoy a short hike, where you will set off in a search for the endemic pink boa, a native snake to the islands. These snakes are actually quite abundant and you almost certainly find at least one! Another fun activity during this tour is snorkeling. This is truly one of the highlights of the tour, since you will be exploring some of the healthiest reefs in the Caribbean. Snorkel equipment is provided in the tour, as well as some basic instruction that will be helpful if you do not have previous experience.
Typical Food
After the snorkel and hike, you will sure be hungry, so it is time to visit the Garifuna village at Chachahuate for a delicious, fresh seafood meal. Not only will you enjoy your meal, you will also have the chance to meet the Garifuna people, buy their handicrafts, and roam through their tiny village to get a first hand view of how these people live and what some of their traditions are. Lunch is not included in the tour, so make sure you bring some extra cash so that you can pay for your meal and drinks.
Tour Return
The return to the mainland is usually around 1 or 2 in the afternoon, depending on the conditions of the surf. The later you depart from Cayos Cochinos, the rougher the trip back to the mainland will be. Cayos Cochinos is a true paradise that you will certainly enjoy and become a highlight of your vacation in Atlantida.



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