Lagoons and Wetlands in Atlantida

There are many lagoons and wetlands in Atlantida that you can visit. They are home to local wildlife and serve as a protection to the reef systems in the Bay Islands of Honduras.

Many of these lagoons and wetlands in Atlantida are actually part of the Honduras National Park system, and are therefore easily accessible and have a variety of different tourism services and infrastructure available for their enjoyment!

Starting from the Western end of Atlantida, these are the most outstanding lagoons and wetlands that you can visit:

Los Micos Lagoon
Jeannette Kawas National Park, also known as Punta Sal National Park, offers the largest lagoon in Atlantida: Los Micos Lagoon. This lagoon is surrounded by wetlands, mostly forested with mangroves, which offer the perfect habitat for many different mammals, reptiles and birds. A narrow sand bar separates the lagoon from the Caribbean Sea, providing the perfect setting for the most authentic Garifuna Village in all of mainland Honduras: Miami. Unlike Miami, Florida, Miami, Atlantida is small, rustic, authentic and surrounded by a pristine setting. No doubt the perfect place to for a glimpse into the fascinating Garifuna culture, considered Intangible World Heritage by the UNESCO! Several tour operators in Tela offer tours to Los Micos Lagoon.
Punta Izopo National Park
Punta Izopo National Park, on the Eastern end of the Bay of Tela, also offers a small lagoon estuary with many different mangrove canals. Here several small rivers, such as the Hicaque and Platano, flood the wetlands which drain into the lagoon. Punta Izopo offers ideal conditions for the interactive tourist that wishes to get up close with the environment located in lagoons and wetlands. Together woith Los Micos Lagoon, Punta Izopo are the two best  options to visit lagoons and wetlands in Atlantida’s western end.
Cuero y Salado Wildlife Refuge
Cuero y Salado Wildlife Refuge. A marine estuary formed within the delta of the Cuero y Salado Rivers, this is an area of lagoons and wetlands that is a sanctuary for the Caribbean Manatee. Here you will also experience the heritage of the fruit companies that developed Atlantida during the twentieth century. Access to Cuero y Salado Wildlife Refuge is via an old railroad track on a funky “Banana Train”, which in itself is part of the experience! The lagoons and wetlands in Cuero y Salado can be explored either paddling in a canoe or touring in a motor boat. This refuge offers a window as to how local communities interact with lagoons and wetlands in Atlantida.
The Cacao Lagoon
Finally, on the eastern end of Atlantida you will find the Cacao Lagoon, which is part of the Nombre de Dios National Park. This small lagoon is ideal for up close interaction with the wetlands of Atlantida. An elevated walkway will allow you to virtually walk in the mangrove swamps, as well as to access the lagoon on a kayak or dugout canoe for a trip along the lagoon and its canals. The Cacao Lagoon is the perfect place to get up close with the wildlife of Atlantida’s lagoons and wetlands!