Mountains and Forests in Atlantida

This is without doubt the backbone of Atlantida: mountains and forests.

Mountains and forests in Atlantida are a very common occurrence! The highest coastal peak in the Atlantic coast of North America is to be found precisely in Atlantida: Pico Bonito. This peak is home to some of the densest tropical forests in Central America. Atlantida, which has three protected areas within the Nombre de Dios Mountain Range, is truly is the king of mountains and forests in Central America.

These rugged mountains are dressed with the greenest forests throughout the year. Their geography makes them almost impenetrable, and they are completely unsuited for farming because of their steep slopes. Behind the evergreen tropical rainforests lie many hidden treasures and surprises. This is the land of the ocelots and the jaguars. Here sparkling clear creeks tumble down from the mountaintops creating beautiful waterfalls. If you are looking for a truly unique hike through the forests, this is the ideal location. Easy access from the gateway city of La Ceiba makes Atlantida a unique hiking destination.

Pico Bonito
Without doubt, Pico Bonito offers the largest selection of tourism related services within the mountains and forests of Atlantida. Here you will find several different areas with lodges, tour operators, and ideal conditions for your vacation. The Cangrejal River is probably the most diverse location when you are speaking of mountains and forests and how to get to them with ease!
Nombre de Dios
Nombre de Dios National Park, separated from Pico Bonito by the scenic Cangrejal River, offers a similar setting, with one additional benefit: Here you will find natural hot springs within the rainforests! These merge with cold water springs to create the perfect setting for a natural hot water springs that flow down the mountains creating small waterfalls and natural water holes where you can relax and soothe your muscles after a good long hike it the mountains and forests of Atlantida. Zip line canopy tours are available within both National Parks, giving you yet another option to enjoy these mountains and forests. And if you want to get a different view, try white water rafting in the Cangrejal River, you will be rafting between two national parks! What a way to discover the mountains and forests of Atlantida!

There is no better place in Central America to enjoy tropical rain forests and all the diverse life you can find within them!