Zip Line Canopy Tours in Atlantida

Zip lining, or sliding down from tree to tree above the forest canopy.

Atlantida offers several different Zip Line Canopy Tour options. These zip lines are a popular attraction. There are a total of three Zip Line Canopy Tours in Atlantida. Basically the tour consists of zipping from tree top to tree top, high over the jungle and landing on platforms that allow you to switch to the next zip line to reach your destination. The trip typically is a high speed, high adrenaline activity. It must be done with some serious security to insure the welfare of the adventurers who seek the thrill of flying through the forest.

Atlantida offers three different zip line canopy tours, and two are in the vicinity of La Ceiba. One of them is in the Pico Bonito National Park, within the Cangrejal River Valley and the other is Nombre de Dios National Park, on the mountains above the Garifuna community of Sambo Creek. The first is operated by Jungle River Tours and the second by Sambo Creek Canopy Tours. Both companies have passed a certification process in which the security is the main concern. The zip line cables must be regularly checked and the personal equipment, such as harnesses, pulleys, helmets and leather gloves must also be checked and replaced on a regular basis.
Cangrejal River
Although the activity is basically the same, each of the options has its special pluses: the zip line at the Cangrejal River has the advantage of going over the river, you will fly over this very scenic river on two different occasions, and because it is right on the river, you can actually do a zip line canopy tour and a rafting tour on the same day! Talk about an adventure filled day!
Sambo Creek
The zip line canopy tour in Sambo Creek is longer, having a total of 13 cables versus 7 in the Cangrejal River area tour. The Sambo Creek installations also offer access to a lovely natural hot spring facility, where you can enjoy some spa treatments, such as massages and mud baths.
The other zip line canopy tour in Atlantida is near Tela, at the rural area of Jilamito. This is a small facility that is ideal for all family members. Access is a bit more complicated and you will need a high vehicle to get to the location. It is a good idea to make a reservation in advance. The Jilamito installations also offer access to natural hot spring facility as well as some family style accommodations.

For this tour you should wear some good hiking shoes, as you will be doing some hiking and also bring some insect repellent. It is also a good idea to bring your bathing suit. You will want to enjoy a refreshing swim in the Cangrejal River or natural hot springs.

Whether you are a fan of zip line canopy tours, or you are ready to try it for the first time, you will have a blast at the zip line canopy tours in Atlantida!