Rural Life in Atlantida

There are many opportunities to experience Rural Life in Atlantida.

Rural life in Atlantida is daily life for many locals. Many different activities take place on a daily basis in rural Atlantida. Most of these can be enjoyed by the visitor exploring this land and looking for unique experiences with the local communities and their particular way of life.

Garifuna Communities
Rural life in Atlantida includes activities such as cattle ranching, dairy farms, pineapple plantations, African Palm plantations, banana and cassava plant plantations and even some exotic south Asian fruit plantations such as rambutan and mangosteen. Without doubt, one of the outstanding rural attractions in Atlantida has to do with the Garifuna communities, which are disseminated on the beach in rural areas throughout Atlantida. You can even visit one of the cassava producing factories within Atlantida to learn the process through which this tasty, very local food is produced!
Las Mangas
In addition, there are several small rural communities that co exist with the National Parks and protected areas within Atlantida. Some of these communities even have some tourism services available to the adventure travelers that are looking for an authentic experience with the local communities. For example, within the community of Las Mangas you can stay at a small community owned lodge called Cabanas Aventuras del Bosque, where you can also eat or hire the services of Cangrejal Tours, another community owned business formed by young locals that offer tours and guided services within both, Pico Bonito National Park as well as Nombre de Dios National Park.
A grass roots organization called LARECOTURH organizes tours to communities within the protected areas of Atlantida. They can arrange anything from a day tour to the protected areas to an overnight camping tour. They can also arrange for a multiday expedition using community owned tourism businesses.

Rural life in Atlantida is certainly different to living in big cities in the developed world. Come and experience a more down to earth experience! Here life is authentic and is lived at a slower pace, giving you the opportunity to enjoy it at its fullest!