Pico Bonito National Park / Cangrejal River Area

Pico Bonito National Park is the largest protected area within Atlantida, and the second largest national park in Honduras.

The Pico Bonito National Park is the second largest in Honduras! It gets its name from the highest peak in the Nombre de Dios Mountains A spectacular triangular shaped peak that reaches 2,485 meters above sea level, this is over 8,000 feet for those of you who think in feet! It is probably the most bio diverse park in Central America, as the northern lowlands of the park are a dense tropical rain forest that gives way to a tropical cloud forest in the higher elevations. On the south side of the park the conditions are very different. You will find a tropical dry forest in the lowlands and a pine and oak forest in higher elevations.

Pico Bonito National Park is without doubt the most visited national park in Honduras as far as international tourists are concerned. A variety of lodges within the park, as well as a network of trails, canopy tours and even white water rafting provide a wide selection of things to do to travelers of all ages and preferences. Pico Bonito National Park is considered one of the birding hot spots in Central America and is certainly the most visited national park in Honduras when it comes to birders.

The easiest access to Pico Bonito National Park is via the Cangrejal River Valley. This river is actually the eastern boundary of the park. Along this boundary you will find different lodges, trails and both nature and adventure activities to choose from. The other area where you will find access to the park is around the small rural community of El Pino. This is where the famous Lodge at Pico Bonito is located. This is also the area where the Rio Zacate trail can be found.

Pico Bonito National Park is a natural gem that is unique to both Central America and the Caribbean. It is certainly a park worth exploring and you will cherish the memories of adventures within its territory.



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