A Visit to the Artesian Workshop El Pino

They say we all have an artist within ourselves. However few of us ever discover our artistic side. A visit to the artisan workshop in El Pino just might help you discover the artist within yourself once and forever!

El Pino, like many other communities, has several artists, and they have decided to join forces and establish a workshop where they can all work together and develop their own special skills. They share the workshop with a group of nature guides that also work out of the same headquarters. Reservaciones La Ceiba, a community owned tour operator that promotes community and rural tourism, has set up a tour to this artisan workshop in El Pino. During your visit, you will get acquainted with the artists, as well as become familiar with their artwork, the techniques they use and the different materials they work with.

The tour is a very interactive experience, where after they show you their work, you will be talked into getting into creative mode and produce a little souvenir or artwork. Their guidance will be instrumental in the effort to find the artist within you!

El Pino is a small community located right on the CA13 highway, about 15 km west of La Ceiba and 90 km east of Tela. The Reservaciones La Ceiba tour departs from La Ceiba and lasts about 3 hours from pick up to drop off in your hotel in La Ceiba. The tour includes transportation, a guide and of course the time to get involved in producing some handicraft on your own. You will also have a chance to get a glimpse at life in a rural community in Honduras!

Make sure you bring your camera; you will certainly want to document the process of making an artist out of you! Also bring some cash, you might want to buy some handicrafts or artwork to take back home. Since you will be purchasing directly from the artists, prices will be a lot more affordable, as you will be taking the middle man out of the equation!

Get ready to enjoy the visit to the artisan workshop in El Pino! This tour does not require any physical effort and is perfect for all ages!


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