Sambo Creek Canopy Tour

Located in the Cordillera Nombre de Dios, facing the Garifuna community of Sambo Creek, this canopy offers a unique opportunity to delve into the tropical rain forest of National Park Nombre de Dios.

The tour begins with the transfer of tourists to the starting point at the top of the mountain. The Sambo Creek Canopy tour has a total of 13 cables. As you glide on the zip line over the tree canopy, you can sometimes see the Caribbean Sea and the Cayos Cochinos on the horizon. You will also be flying over the hot springs that are in this area and smell the sulphur in the air as you visit the hot spring. The longest cable is just over 1 ½ kilometers long! (this is almost one mile!) During the trip you will pass beside a spring of thermal waters that spring from the ground at an elevated temperature.

The guides will provide all the equipment and give appropriate instructions. No previous experience is necessary. This tour can be done independently or combined with a visit to the hot springs found on this site. Although these spring sprout at a very high temperature, they combine naturally with a stream of cold water forming natural pools where you can relax under the dense canopy of the rain forest of National Park Nombre de Dios.


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