The Cacao Lagoon

Nestled between the Caribbean Sea and within Nombre de Dios National Park, The Cacao Lagoon is surrounded by mangrove forests.

The Cacao Lagoon is a true gem in Nombre de Dios National Park! The Lagoon is only 28 km. east of La Ceiba, and because of its near pristine condition, it’s the perfect spot to enjoy nature, discover what a mangrove forest looks like and sight a variety of animals. No motorized boats are allowed within the body of water. Access from the main road is very easy, as it is only about 5 km off the main CA13 highway. The Cacao Lagoon is ideal to practice kayaking, which is perfect to sneak into the mangrove canals and get close to nature. Access within the lagoon itself to the kayaks is easy, as there is an elevated wooden walkway that follows part of the lagoon’s contour. This is certainly an interactive tour you will love!

Wildlife Observation
If you are not into paddling in a kayak, and prefer a more stable boat, there are some larger dugout canoes that can be propelled by your guides, and thus give you the opportunity to use your binoculars or cameras to get up close to the howler and white faced monkeys, as well as to the many different marine birds that inhabit the area.
Access to the Beach
The lagoon is separated from the ocean by a sandbar, so if you are interested in enjoying a bit of time on the beach, it is very easy to do so. From the beach you have a great view of the Hog Cays, also known as Cayos Cochinos. You can also take advantage and take a quick swim in the Caribbean before continuing your tour through the Cacao Lagoon.
How To Get There
There are several tour operators that offer tours to the Cacao Lagoon. The most reputable are Omega Tours, La Moskitia Eco Aventuras and Reservaciones La Ceiba. For this tour, make sure you bring your bathing suit, sun block, insect repellent and your camera. If you are driving your own car, take CA13 from La Ceiba towards the east, in the direction of Trujillo. A few km past the Palma Real Resort detour you will see a sign on the left indicating the detour to Cacao Lagoon, follow the road and the signs, you cannot get lost! If your tour does not include lunch, and you get hungry, plan on having a bite at a nice typical Honduran restaurant on the roadside called Tipicos La Venta, where you will find great food at extremely affordable prices.


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