Atlantida Calidad Turistica Badge

The Atlantida Calidad Turistica badge is a guarantee of professional good service. It is a seal of quality that you have probably encountered during your travels through Atlantida. If you have not yet visited our destination, you will see this seal of quality at the entrance of some businesses. Restaurants, Hotels and tour operators all display their badge with pride. They have worked hard to achieve this distinction! As such, you will find it on the walls at the entrance to their businesses or in a prominent location within their facilities.

The Atlantida Calidad Turistica badge is managed by the Atlantida DMO. This is the Destination Management Organization that manages Atlantida as a tourist destination. This seal of quality can be bestowed on hotels tour operators and restaurants. It is proof that these businesses are committed to providing high quality services and safety to their patrons.



For example, in the case of hotels, they must have sparkling clean facilities. They must also follow a ser of good practices to ensure the safety and comfort of their guests. These apply not only to the rooms, but for all the hotel facilities. In addition, staff must be courteous, helpful and willing to go the extra mile for the guest. It all starts with having a good control of who is registered at the hotel. But good information available to the guest once they are checked in is vital. Guests safety and comfort are of utmost importance, both within the premises and outside. As a rule, you will find that hotels with the Atlantida Calidad Turistica badge like to promote restaurants and tour operators that also have that badge. They know that it is a great way to make sure their guests are well taken care of!

Atlántida Calidad Turística

Distintivo Atlántida Calidad Turística en Restaurante y Cafeteria Cafeto

In the case of restaurants, the Atlantida Calidad Turistica badge is meant to be a guarantee of the hygiene of the kitchen in these establishments. We believe that an important part of the security that we can offer out visitors is to insure they stay healthy. As such, providing adequate food safety is a top priority. Nobody wants to get sick during their visit to another country or region! Have you ever asked a waiter about a specific dish and not gotten a proper answer? This is downright frustrating to not get a proper description of a specific plate on the menu. It almost as bad as asking for a recommendation on the best dishes in the menu and not get an answer! All of these are elements that are taken into consideration when awarding a restaurant, the Calidad Turistica Atlantida badge.

Atlantida Calidad Turistica Badge

El Distintivo Atlántida Calidad Turística en Restaurante Tasbaya del Hotel Quinta Real de La Ceiba

The same criteria are applied to tour operators. A tour operator must comply with what they are offering in their tours. You are hiring them to live a unique experience and expect to operation to be on time, safe and include everything that was offered to you.

It is important to note that the Atlantida Calidad Turistica badge is only found in Atlantida. You Will see the badge in certain establishments in Tela, La Ceiba and the Cangrejal River Valley. The fact that a business does not display this badge does not mean it is not up to par. But if they to show if proudly, it means that they are committed to giving you be best experience possible during your vacations in Atlantida. Search for the Atlantida Calidad Turistica badge and if possible, use their services. You will not be disappointed.