Reefs and Cays

A destination called Atlantis must, by definition, have some underwater treasures. Atlantida might not be known for its underwater treasures, but if you look for them, you will be surprised at what you find! Any committed diver will be impressed with the reefs and the diving operations available in Atlantida.

Atlantida is on the Caribbean Coast of Honduras, and as such offers a variety of reefs and Cays. Without doubt, the most famous diving destination in Atlantida is Cayos Cochinos, also known as the Hog Cays, a small archipelago that consists of two small islands and 13 tiny cays. Cayos Cochinos is a protected area, and as such, there are restrictions for boats and vessels coming in the park. The park is administered by the Fundacion Cayos Cochinos, and they have their scientific research center in Cochino Menor, the smaller of the islands.

There is one small dive resort on Cochino Mayor, and a few private homes in some of the smaller cays. Cayos Cochinos offers some of the most pristine settings in the Caribbean, and the diving in the area is superb. If you are interested in diving, you can do so with the PADI resort on the island as well as with a DIWA dive operator out of Sambo Creek who also operates day tours to the Hog Cays.

Tela, on the other end of Atlantida, offers one of the healthiest reefs in the Caribbean. The Capiro banks, located within the bay of Tela, 8 kilometers off the coast, offer an absolutely stunning setting. Best of all, there is a PADI dive operation in Tela that offers fun dives, as well as PADI scuba certification packages for those that are looking for a first introduction to diving. The relatively short distance between Tela and the Bay Island of Utila, allows for a diving trip to this island.

Atlantida is a complete paradise, offering both, reefs and cays for your enjoyment. Come and discover the many facets of Atlantida, and most of all explore the submarine treasures that few have seen before!