Diving in Cayos Cochinos

When we think of “Atlantis” we all dream of a unique underwater treasure. Atlantida will certainly not disappoint you! Some of the best kept coral reefs in the Caribbean are located in Atlantida!

Best of all, there are professional dive operations that can you provide you with unique diving opportunities, as well as the chance to get your scuba diving certification for future diving experiences.

Around La Ceiba, you will find that the reefs at the Hog Cays, also known as the Cayos Cochinos, are a true gem. The Cays are a small archipelago, consisting of 2 small islands and 13 tiny sand cays that are located about 18 miles from La Ceiba and only 14 miles from Sambo Creek. The Cays are part of the National Park System in Honduras as a Natural Marine Monument and are a true sanctuary both over the surface and underwater. Although politically the cays are part of the municipality of Roatan, in the department of the Bay Islands, the truth is that the easiest way to get there is from La Ceiba, in Atlantida.

Cayos Cochinos is a truly spectacular spot to enjoy diving: very clear water, idyllic white sand beaches, incredibly diverse and healthy reefs, and professional dive shops to provide the service. Best of all, the reefs in Cayos Cochinos are uncrowded!

Within La Ceiba, you can arrange your diving with Tourist Option, who own and operate a diving operation out of Sambo Creek. They offer DIWA certification courses and can provide you with diving services if you are already certified. There is also a PADI dive resort in Cayos Cochinos, the Turtle Bay Eco Resort, which is a lovely 5 room dive resort, the only one in Cayos Cochinos. Both operations are professional and your experience will be memorable!


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