An Extreme Adventure in the Cangrejal River

A group of kayakers visited the Cangrejal River this past week. They were kayaking down the magnificent Cangrejal River together with a group of locals. White water kayaks are ideal for an extreme adventure in the Cangrejal River. However, you must have plenty of experience before you take on a challenge like this one. They were all using hard shell kayaks designed to navigate white water. Of course, there is only one person per boat. Each person has a skirt around his waist that connects with his boat, in order to keep the boat dry. The skirt is made of a stretching nylon that is waterproof. Kayakers also have a double blade paddle a helmet and of course, a live vest.

El río con excelente nivel.Este es el nivel que mas me gusta ni tan alto ni tan bajo sólo hace falta que el color del agua este un poco mas calaro pero mañana se va a poner lindo el color ! #saliavivir #hondurasestuya #adrenaline #laceiba #wakakayaks #wernerpaddles #beahero #hero5 #kayak #hondurasisgreat #centralamerica #extreme #withwater

Posted by Emilio Salaverri Kayak on Saturday, December 21, 2019

A kayak is perfect for an extreme adventure in the Cangrejal River. Its relatively small size and buoyancy make it ideal to navigate between boulders and falls. The biggest risk is to turn over, upside down. However, an experienced kayaker can do an Eskimo roll using his paddles and straiten to boat in seconds. The technique is a copy of that the Eskimos use when they are out in the sea in their boats fishing. This is a survival skill at its best. If they were to all into the cold ocean, they could suffer hypothermia and die in minutes! In the river, it is of utmost importance to roll back to an upright position. You need to be ready to face your next rapid back in your boat.

A word of advice about kayaking in white water: you never do it alone! It is important to have at least one more kayaker with you. Should there be an emergency, you need someone to help you!

This extreme adventure in the Cangrejal River began at the riverside community of El Pital. The river section between El Pital and las Mangas is demanding, but also offered for white water rafting tours. The second section they ran was from Las Mangas to El Naranjo. This is the most technical part of the river and not for beginners! I joined the group at El Naranjo with an inflatable kayak or duckie. From there we paddled down the last stretch to the Hotel Rio facilities. One of the kayakers, Greg, is writing a book about kayaking rivers in Central America. At one spot, I asked him which he thought was the best kayaking and rafting river in Central America. He unequivocally answered that for the northern part of Central America, (Belize, Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras) the Cangrejal River is number one!

If you are an experienced kayaker and want to have an extreme adventure in the Cangrejal River, you should get in touch with the two tour operators that can arrange this for you. They are Omega Tours and La Moskitia Eco Aventuras. They both have facilities on the Cangrejal river as well as equipment and guides. Both also offer accommodations for their guests. For a more complete list of where to stay in the Cangrejal River, feel free to check out our where to sleep section in this page.