Is it Safe to Visit Atlantida?

Let’s face it, Honduras gets a bad rap from the press. Being that we are in Honduras, we often get the following question: Is it safe to visit Atlantida?  The answer is a categorical yes, it is safe to visit Atlantida! All three destinations in Atlantida are very safe: Tela, La Ceiba and the Cangrejal River. The urban areas, just as any urban area in the world, have some neighborhoods that you should avoid. But the good news is that there is really no reason why a tourist should wander into those neighborhoods. Also, it is a good idea to pack your good ole common sense when traveling anywhere in the World. Do not do things that you would not do back at home.

Going out at night and getting drunk or doing drugs and then wander down the streets is not a good idea anywhere in the World. Walking alone at night in a dark beach is equivalent to looking for trouble anywhere. Wandering out alone to the trails in the natural protected areas in Atlantida is not a good idea. Not that there is any peril of someone mugging you. It is simply not a good idea to walk alone in a jungle trail that is off the beaten track. What if you slip and hurt yourself? What if you step on a snake and get bitten? You should always try to do activities in the company of other tourists or local guides. By hiring local guides, you are also helping to share the wealth with the local community. Once again, use common sense and you will find that it is safe to visit Atlantida!

For the most part, it is very safe to Visit Atlantida. The hotels, restaurants, beaches and national parks are all safe. However, it is always a good idea to take precautions when in a foreign country. Make sure you keep your passport safe in your hotel room. Do not walk around with more cash than what you need. Most hotels have safety boxes in the rooms. Use them when available.  Do not wear flashy jewelry when walking down the streets. As a general rule, ask your hotel front desk for tips about where to go. If he suggests that you use a cab, ask him to help arrange for one. To this day, there is no transportation solution to the tune of Uber or Cabify in Honduras. However, all the hotels have cab drivers that they trust and can recommend.

It is a good idea to be on the lookout for the Calidad Turistica Atlantida badge. You can find it in hotels, restaurants and tour operators. The seal represents good will, good environmental and business practices and friendly service.  Although every business dedicated to tourism in Atlantida has one, those that due are a guarantee for you.  This does not mean that those who do not have one are not professional or are unsafe. As a rule, tourism related businesses in Atlantida are very professional and have bilingual staff. So now you know, it is safe to visit Atlantida and you will have a great time. Locals are always on the lookout for tourists to make sure they are doing well.