Los Olingos Lodge at Los Micos Lagoon

A small, magical lodge can be found in the remote shores of the lagoons within Punta Sal National Park. I am talking about los Olingos Lodge at Los Micos Lagoon. This is the largest coastal lagoon in Atlantida and offers a unique window into this national park. The easiest way of getting to Los Olingos Lodge at Los Micos Lagoon is via the Garifuna community at Miami. Yes, there is a community in Honduras that is called Miami. And instead of a glitzy, high-rise community of buildings, you will find a tiny seaside community that is primitive and very authentic. This very rustic community is right next to the high end Indura Beach and Golf Resort.

Los Olingos Lodge at los Micos Lagoon

The Miami Garifuna Village is a picturesque community

Getting to Miami is easy. Traveling to Tela from San Pedro Sula you will see a detour to the Garifuna Community at Tornabe. This is also the entrance to Indura and is clearly marked just across the street from the police station on the side of the CA13 highway. Just before you arrive at the Indura Beach Resort you will see a detour with a sign on the left side of the access road. From this point, you are at approximately 20 minutes via a dirt road from Miami. This community is on a narrow tongue of land that is between the Caribbean Sea to the North and Los Micos Lagoon to the South. Some of the best beaches in Central America are to be found in Miami. You will notice that the authentic Garifuna architecture is very present in Miami. Building materials are basically wood and palm leaves.

Kayaking at los Micos Lagoon

A sit on top kayak is the best way to explore Los Micos Lagoon. Photo: Courtesy of Isis Castro Alberto

Once at Miami you will be ready to board your boat that will take you to Los Olingos Lodge. The docks are on the lagoon side of this narrow sand bar. The trip will take you along a canal that runs parallel to the community, before turning into canal that has an impressive huge mangrove forest on either side. With a bit of luck, you may even see some of the different species of monkeys that live in this forest. Don’t forget that Los Micos Lagoon means the lagoon of monkeys in Spanish. Keep an ear out for a loud aggressive howl coming from high in the trees. These are the howler monkeys, and their sound is genuinely intimidating! In my opinion, the best way to explore these mangrove canals is to silently paddle through the canals in a sit on top kayak.

Los Olingos Lodge at Los Micos Lagoon

The dock at Los Olingos Lodge at Los Micos Lagoon. Photo: Courtesy of Jafeth Zablah

After a short, but fascinating ride through the canal, you will find yourself in the open lagoon. Los Micos Lagoon is huge. From within the lagoon, you have a clear view of the resources within the Jeannette Kawas National Park. This is a huge lagoon, and as the boat points towards Los Olingos Resort at Los Micos Lagoon, you will get your bearings of just where you are going to be staying.

Los Olingos Lodge at los Micos Lagoon

Relaxing on a hammock at Los Olingos Lodge. Photo: Courtesy of Jefeth Zablah

Upon arrival, a large sign on the dock will let you know that you have reached your destination. Extensive, delicately manicured gardens are spread throughout the property. A series of inviting hammocks under the coconut palms will be tempting you jump into one and relax. Rooms at Los Olingos Lodge at Los Micos Lagoon are all in four different houses. These are all wooden buildings with the typical banana era architecture. As a matter of fact, all these houses used to be at the Telamar Resort in Tela. Yes, that is right, instead of demolishing these old homes that were once at the service of the Tela Railroad Company, they were sold and moved to another location! These old homes give a unique atmosphere to Los Olingos Resort.

Los Micos Lagoon

Sunset at Los Micos Lagoon. Photo Courtesy of Isis Castro

The lodge offers a nice restaurant with a high thatched roof ceiling. La Bujaja restaurant serves great food for breakfast, lunch and dinner. A visit to Los Olingos Lodge at Los Micos Lagoon Will prove to be a relaxing and peaceful experience.  It is perfect location to explore this remote are of Punta Sal National Park in Tela.