Camping in Pico Bonito

Are you one of those adventuresome folks that like to camp in nature? Camping in Pico Bonito National Park can be a unique experience! You may think this is a complicated operation, especially if you are travelling through Honduras, since you are probably nor carrying your camping equipment with you. Well, I have some good news! There are some great tour operators that have all the camping equipment that you need to make your camping in Pico Bonito dream a reality! Best of all, they also have tours set up so that you can indeed enjoy a unique camping trip.

Omega Tours, who are in the Cangrejal River Valley are one of these tour operators. I can also mention that they received the Atlantida Calidad Turistica badge for their excellent service. As such, you know that the experience will be unforgettable. Omega Tours offers a one and a two-night camping in Pico Bonito adventure. The tour begins at the Omega Tours Lodge, where you can safely leave behind whatever belongings you will not be using during your trip. When hiking with a backpack, the lighter it is the better for you! They have several guides who are well trained that will accompany you and help you set up camp and get your food cooked! Not quite glamping, but certainly camping in style!

Camping in Pico Bonito

View upriver the Cangrejal river Valley from out camping site in Pico Bonito. Photo: Courtesy of Omega Tours

The tour will take you across the Cangrejal River and up a trail towards the beautiful el Bejuco waterfall. The camp site is at flat area right where a lovely crystal creek falls far below, creating the stunning El Bejuco waterfall. You will be at approximately 400 meters above sea level, allowing for spectacular views up the Cangrejal River Valley as well as the Caribbean Sea far downriver. On a clear day, you will see the Cayos Cochinos islands and maybe even an outline of Roatan Island. Your guide will set up camp, and prepare dinner early, as night comes early in the jungle, and you will want to be ready to relax and listen to the jungle sounds that will help lull you to sleep.

Camping in Pico Bonito

Camping with a view! Photo: Courtesy of Omega Tours

The morning sounds will wake you up just before dawn. Birds are up early in the jungle, especially during spring and summer. Nothing like getting up early when camping to enjoy a freshly brewed cup of coffee and enjoy dawn at the Cangrejal River Valley. Personally, I opted for the two-night tour, so after a good hearty breakfast, we set out to hike up the El Bejuco Creek, where we found some spectacular waterfalls in the jungle. Who would have thought that there are so many hidden waterfalls within these jungle clad mountains? I spent a good part of the day exploring these waterfalls and enjoying a natural massage while in the natural pools that form under the falls.

El Bejuco Waterfall

The impressive El Bejuco Waterfall. Photo: Courtesy of Omega Tours

It was so nice to get back to camp and not have to worry about preparing dinner! Our guide got to work and soon we were enjoying a nice hot meal in the jungle. My day adventure in the cold-water mountain creek had me hungry and tired. Once again, I enjoyed the sunset, and then let the night jungle sounds as well as the sound of running water lull me to sleep for a second time. This camping in Pico Bonito was an experience I will cherish for years to come. The next morning, I was up and around early, as the birds like to get up early and celebrate a new day! After two nights in the jungle, we were ready to pack up and head back to civilization.

After carefully hiking down a steep path we were soon back at the Omega tours lodge. Thank God that they have a great jungle bar. I was ready to sip an ice-cold beer after a good hot shower and recall all the special moments spent while camping at Pico Bonito!