Garifuna Culture

Rural Life in Atlantida

Rural life in Atlantida is daily life for many locals. Many different activities take place on a daily basis in rural Atlantida. Most of these can be enjoyed by the visitor exploring this land and looking for unique experiences with the local communities and their particular way of life. Rural life in Atlantida is certainly different to living in big …

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Garifuna Culture in Atlantida

Garifuna Culture in Atlantida is alive and well! At a first glimpse, it might appear to you that the Garifuna are just descendents of African slaves that were brought to America. This is far from the reality! Although the origins do go back to the days when slave runners would capture Africans and bring them to America as slaves, the …

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Beaches in Atlantida

Beaches in Atlantida: So many you will have trouble finding your favorite one! You will find that there are many different options to choose from when it comes to beaches in Atlantida. We have grouped our beaches into three categories: recreational, authentic and natural. Recreational beaches, which are those that are easy to reach, these are generally in front of …

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