Carmina Street Food, the new Italian Restaurant in Tela

Tela has a new Italian restaurant! Carmina Street Food opened its doors las month. Few events can be more exciting in a small town as Tela than a new restaurant in town! And there is no doubt that an important part of any tourism destination has to do with the food that is available there. Carmina Street Food opens its doors under the leadership of Aura and Alessandro D’Agostino. They are some of the most respected tourism entrepreneurs in Atlantida having established Garifuna Tours in Tela. Throughout the past 25 years, they have created the most innovative tours in Tela, and Honduras for that matter. Although very much a local after 25 years in Tela, Alessandro retains his Roman heritage. And the love for outstanding Italian food is without doubt an important part of it!

Alessandro is committed to this new business in Tela. As such, he spends the better part of the day at Carmina Street Food, being the host, supervising his employees and making sure that you have a delightful experience. Under his leadership, there is no doubt that this new restaurant is bound to be one of the best culinary experiences in Tela. One thing everyone must agree with, is that Italian food is awesome!

Carmina Street Food

The new Carmina Street Food Restaurant in Tela offers the best Italian cuisine!

The menu is creative and offers a nice selection of Italian specialties. Many are hard to find in Honduras. I absolutely loved the beef carpaccio, probably the best you will find in Honduras! The pastas are out of this world, and the selection of sauces to go with them superb. Their seafood dish offers a diverse selection of fresh specialties, all at a very affordable price. The most expensive item in the menu is under 250 lempiras, which is right around $10 US!

Carmina Street Food is open for lunch and dinner from 11:00 am till 9:00 pm from Monday through Saturday. They close on Sundays. The restaurant is an excellent alternative for lunch and dinner in Tela. The food is outstanding, and the prices are very fair. If you have a sweet tooth, make sure you try the Tiramisu. It is absolutely “to die for”! Without doubt the best in Tela and Atlantida, and one of the best in Honduras.

Carmina Street Food

Cozy atmosphere at this new chic Italian restaurant in Tela

If you are into Italian food and like a family oriented cozy restaurant, then you need to visit Carmina Street Food when in Tela. It is also the perfect setting for a romantic dinner with your significant other. Enjoy the best of Italy´s cuisine and hospitality in Tela. This new restaurant is within the Barrio Los Profesores, very close to the old bridge over the Lancetilla River, in the direction of Telamar Resort.