Pineapple Plantation Tour

We all know that the north coast of Honduras developed thanks to the Banana Companies that established here in the early nineteen hundred. But many do not know that these fruit companies had many different plantations. If you have driven or flown into La Ceiba during the daylight hours, you have surely spotted the extensive pineapple fields to the west of the city. These massive pineapple plantations belong to the Standard Fruit Company de Honduras. They are all for export under the Dole trademark. Few people know is that you can purchase a pineapple plantation tour and visit these industrial pineapple plantations and learn about them.

Pineapple Plantation Tour

Tourist enjoying the pineapple tour in La Ceiba

The Pineapple Plantation tour is done in coordination with AGROPOR, a subsidiary of the Standard Fruit Company that oversees the pineapple plantations around La Ceiba. The tour is offered through Reservaciones La Ceiba, a local tour operator that specializes in tours to local communities and promotes community tourism. Please note that for this tour,  there needs to be a minimum of four persons to operate, so if you are traveling with a group of friends, it makes it easier to happen if you all take the pineapple plantation tour.

Pineapple Plantation Tour

The imposing Nombre de Dios Mountains behind the pineapple plantations in La Ceiba. Photo: Courtesy of Isis I. Castro Alberto

The tour will not take you into the processing facilities, as there are several restrictions due to international standards. However, you will be touring the pineapple fields. You will do so in a small trailer that is used to transport the workers into the fields. The trailer is towed by a tractor, and you will have a guide that will offer information. Part of the service includes a small radio receiver, that will allow you to listen to what the guide must share with you regarding the pineapple plantation tour. The tour will stop at one point and you will be able to get off the trailer and get up close with the pineapples.

Natural swimming area at Zacate River in Pico Bonito

The Rio Zacate swimming hole: Photo: Courtesy of Evelyn Hüllinghorst.

If you are lucky to take the tour on a clear day, you will be impressed by the massive beauty of Pico Bonito and the Nombre de Dios Mountains. These serve as a backdrop of the pineapple fields and provide many photo opportunities! The tour will end at the visitors’ center where the Zacate River Trail in Pico Bonito begins. Here, you will have a chance to walk up to see the lower fall, and even swim in the natural pools of the Zacate River. This refreshing crystal-clear water will certainly tempt you and you will probably not be able to resist. Because of this, make sure you bring a bathing suit with you!

Pineapple tour in La Ceiba

Tourists enjoying a pineapple

You will also taste the sweet pineapples that are grown here. You will learn how to suck the pineapple juice directly from the fruit! Then you will also get a slice of pineapple that you will love. You are sure to enjoy these tropical fruits more than ever after you take the pineapple plantation tour in La Ceiba. Next time you enjoy a pineapple back home you will have sweet memories of your pineapple plantation tour in Atlantida.