Garifuna Tours

One of the oldest tour operators in Atlantis, Garifuna Tours specializes in excursions and natural adventures.

National parks in Tela

One of the first established tour operators in Atlantida, Garifuna Tours is one of the few operators that provides services in both Atlantida hubs: Tela and La Ceiba. Garifuna Tours is known for its innovative tours, and today, many of the regular tours that all tourists take where originally designed and operated by Garifuna Tours. Their tours are definitely nature oriented, and they specialize in visiting National Parks and protected areas. In Tela, they offer tours to Jeannette Kawas National Park as well as to Punta Izopo National Park. In La Ceiba, hiking in Pico Bonito National Park, white water rafting or kayaking in the Cacao Lagoon or Cuero y Salado Wildlife Refuge are all part of the Menu. They even offer regular tours to the Cayos Cochinos Marine Park! If it comes to eco adventures, Garifuna Tours are the experts!