The Atlantida Travel Theme Guides!

The Atlantida travel theme guides are now available for download in our webpage! These documents were created to help you get the most of your trip in Atlantida. There, you will find ideas about day tours as well as multiday packages within the area. As a result, you will be able to make the best of your precious vacation time in Atlantida. To help you best we have separated our guides in five different topics. These are Active Adventure; Nature Eco Tourism; Beach and Sand; Rural Tourism; and finally, short breaks. Feel free to build your experience around any one of the above themes. You can also take a bit from all of them and customize your experience to include it all!

Active Adventure Atlantida Travel Theme Guide

The Active Adventure Atlantida Travel Theme Guide

Download our Atlantida Travel Theme Guides!

Our Active Adventure Atlantida Travel Theme Guide focuses specifically on adventure and adrenaline pumping activities. Without doubt, the Cangrejal River Valley provides the perfect setting for this activity. However, there are also opportunities for adventure in Tela and La Ceiba.

The Nature Eco Tourism Atlantida travel theme guide has its focus on nature. Here you will find ideas of how to make the best of the 8 protected areas that are within Atlantida. Choose between mountains, rivers, beaches, estuaries and even cays and reefs. Atlantida offers a wide selection of eco-tourism and nature related experiences.

The Beach and Sand Atlantida travel theme guide is all about our beaches. Atlantida has over 100 km of beaches on the Caribbean Sea. Come and explore them. Some offer a rich cultural experience with the Garifuna communities that dot the beaches.  Others are within National Parks and protected areas. Finally, we also have beaches with first class resorts that offer all the comfort and convenience you want.

Atlantida Travel Theme Guide: Beach and Sun

The Beach and Sand Atlantida Travel Theme Guide

For those interested in interacting with local communities, we have created our Rural Tourism Atlantida Travel Theme Guide. Here you will find services and ideas that will put you in contact with the local communities.

Finally, you will find our Short Breaks Atlantida Theme Guide. This is ideal for short getaways. Do you live in Honduras or Central America and need a short break? Then Atlantida is the perfect destination for you.

Feel free to download these Atlantida Travel Theme Guides and share them with your friends and family. We sincerely hope that you find these travel guides useful to plan the perfect get away experience while in Atlantida! Find them in our web page by clicking the Travel Guides option in our main menu.