A Visit to Villa Becerra in La Ceiba

You will not find Villa Becerra in La Ceiba in the guidebooks. It is one of those places that all the locals love and visit but that somehow, is still not on the map. This is uncommon for a place that has so much to offer! Villa Becerra offers the best of both worlds. For one, it is one of those places that people in La Ceiba love because of its crystal-clear river. And yet it also has a beach! This means that you can enjoy the beach and the river. Truly a two for one deal!

Villa Becerra in La Ceiba

A nice bridge over the calm waters at Villa Becerra in La Ceiba

Villa Becerra can be very busy on weekends but is usually near empty during the week. If you are like myself, and prefer some peace and quiet, and feeling like the place is yours, then I recommend you visit on weekdays. The site barely has a sign, but you cannot miss it! It is on the CA13 highway, in direction of Trujillo, just past the Villa Rhina Hotel. A lovely manicured garden on the oceanside of the road will let you know you are there. Close to the road you will find nice bridges over the crystal-clear creek and many areas where you can swim in the fresh cool waters. If you get to Corozal, it means that you missed the entrance!

The River at Villa Becerra

The river at Villa Becerra as it flows towards the Caribbean Sea

If you follow the trail to the beach, you will find a nice beach. These are the best beaches in La Ceiba, and best of all, because currents tend to be from east to west, they are very clean. So if you enjoy the beach, walk out and enjoy it. You will find that most locals stay in the creek side of the property! After some time at the beach, before you head home, you can always take a jump in the creek and get ride of all that salt water that is still on you! From the beach you can clearly see the Cayos Cochinos islands.

Villa Becerra in La Ceiba offers a restaurant with very affordable prices. They also have some cabins for rent, so if you are looking for a place to relax and spend the night in nature, this could be the perfect spot. You have access to the river, and you have access to the beach! The best of both worlds. Please note that there is an entrance fee to gain access to the property. The fee is very reasonable, being under 2 US per adult, less for children and senior citizens.

One of the things that Villa Becerra is famous for is its “dulce de leche”. They have a delicious milk candy that you will fall in love with. Make sure you ask for it when you visit. They have a small box that has several units. It makes for a perfect bite for those who have sweet tooth.  Just make sure you keep it away from the ants. They love it too! Enjoy your visit to Villa Becerra in La Ceiba, and discover those unique secret places that ceibeños love!