Restaurants in Sambo Creek

Visiting a Garifuna Community is always fun, but above all, it can be a gastronomical adventure. The taste of seafood and Garifuna cuisine combine to create a unique gastronomical experience in Atlantida. Sambo Creek is no exception to this reality, and there are several great options where you can treat your taste buds. Most of the places to eat in Sambo Creek are right on the beach, and many open daily. However, they are allways busier on weekends, when locals from La Ceiba like to visit the different communities and enjoy a delicious meal next to the ocean. Remember that Sambo Creek is the gateway to Cayos Cochinos, and the perfect way to end your trip is by having a great lunch upon your return to the mainland. Following is our list of recommended restaurants in Sambo Creek.


Kabasa is without doubt the most popular and famous of all restaurants in Sambo Creek. As a matter of fact, for some time, years ago, they had a branch in downtown La Ceiba as well as in San Pedro Sula! But they say the original is always the best, and you can find it in Sambo Creek! Getting there is a piece of cake. Take the CA13 highway eastbound from La Ceiba in direction of Trujillo. When you get to the detour that leads you to Sambo Creek just follow the main road towards the beach. The road T-bones the beach road right at Kabasa. You are now there! There is a spacious parking area and a two-story building that is right on the beach.

Restaurants in Sambo Creek

Kabasa Restaurant is the most famous of all restaurants in Sambo Creek

I always prefer the second story; you get a better view and there is a cooler breeze. From here, you can clearly see Cayos Cochinos on a clear day. Note how it looks like the silhouette of an alligator! This is seafood restaurant, and you will find the traditional fried fish, and seafood soup. Of course, shrimp and conch are also on the menu. This restaurant in Sambo Creek is open daily from 10:00 am till 8:00 pm. They have a well-stocked international bar and offer good service. This, without doubt, is one of the best places to eat in Sambo Creek!

Kay’s Place

Kay’s Place is right on the beach, a few yards east of Kabasa. When you get to Kabasa, turn right and follow the road to the end. The road stops at a creek, and Kay’s Place is on the corner of the beach and the creek. This is an authentic Garifuna restaurant. Its architecture is typical of Garifuna villages and offers a cool pleasant setting. Owners are local Garifuna people and are very hospitable. This restaurant in Sambo Creek is open daily from 10 am till 10 pm. On weekends, they usually have a live Garifuna dance performance, which will allow you to learn more about the unique Garifuna Traditions in Sambo Creek. Their menu is based on seafood and local Garifuna cuisine.

where to eat in Sambo Creek

Kay’s Place offers a Garifuna atmosphere on the beach at Sambo Creek

They pride themselves at always having fresh catch of the day, which is usually yellow tail, grouper or king fish. The local specialty is fried fish. Make sure you get a shot of Guifity, a Garifuna brew made with different roots and herbs which is reputedly both, medicinal and aphrodisiac! By the way, they also offer tours to Cayos Cochinos, in case you are interested in visiting.

Restaurante Hermanos Avila

This less conspicuous restaurant has been around for a long time and offers excellent food. They are located just across Kay’s Place and offer basic rooms for rent. Their prices are very reasonable, and the specialty is fried fish and seafood soup. If you are on a budget, this is an excellent option where to eat in Sambo Creek!

Restaurants in Sambo Creek

A popular restaurant in Sambo Creek

Sea Watch

Sea watch is more of a bar than a restaurant. But it is without doubt the most popular bar in town. However, they also offer a complete menu specializing in, yes you guessed, sea food! They are in the same area where Kay’s Place is, on the eastern end of town. Sea Watch is open Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 9:00 am till late at night. They have a well-stocked international bar. The building is a two-story building with the upstairs being cooler because of the ocean breeze.

sea watch

Sea Watch Bar and Restaurant at Sambo Creek

Restaurante y Hotel Villa Helen

Villa Helen is a very pleasant family-oriented restaurant located on the outskirts of Sambo Creek. Because it is on the other side of the creek at the end of town, you need to go back to the CA13 highway, cross the creek and then take a clearly marked road to Villa Helen. In addition to a great restaurant, they have a pool and offer hotel rooms and cabins. Villa Helen is open daily for breakfast, lunch and dinner from 9:00 am till 9 pm. Their menu includes the traditional seafood dishes, but also offers a more international selection of meals. English, French and Spanish are spoken at Villa Helen.

Nino’s Beach Bar

This is not a restaurant and does not pretend to be one. It is a small beach bar with a lot of local character. In need of an ice-cold beer? This is the place to get it. Want to taste a shot of Guifity? You came to the right place. Keep in mind that as the night falls, you are bound to run into the local riff raft that have been drinking for the better part of the day, so the place can get a bit rough. However, it is always interesting to mingle the locals!

bares en sambo creek

Nino’s Beach Bar in Sambo Creek

I thrust that you now know all about the restaurants in Sambo Creek and have decided which is the perfect spot for you! Bon Appetit!