A Visit to Tornabe

Today I had the pleasure of visiting the Garifuna community of Tornabe. This is one of several Garifuna villages spread throughout the lovely Tela Bay. The community is right next door to the high end Indura Beach and Golf Resort. So, if you want to enjoy the same beach at a fraction of the price, you should consider making a Visit to Tornabe! In addition to the fantastic beach you Will enjoy the warm, friendly embrace of the Garifuna culture.

Getting to Tornabe is very easy, as there is a paved road all the way into town. The main access is via a detour off the CA13 highway that leads from San Pedro Sula East towards Tela and La Ceiba. Take the detour in front of the police station as you arrive to Tela, and a after a short drive you will take another detour to the right. Before you now it, you will be in the heart of Tornabe.

A Visit to Tornabe

A tourist enjoying the view at Cabañas Laru Beya in Tornabe. Photo: Courtesy of Jafeth Zablah

There are several different lodging options in Tornabe. Most of them are on the opposite site of the Cola de Mico lagoon, on the east side of town. Personally, I prefer the Cabañas Laru Beya lodge. This belongs to a lovely Garifuna teacher, Professor Andrea Valeria, who is an outstanding host. She is a proud member of the Garifuna community and has a huge knowledge of Garifuna culture. In addition, she knows just about anyone who lives in the village. She is a fantastic source of local information as far as what to do and where to eat in Tornabe.

a Visit to Tornabe

Room at Cabañas Laru Beya in Tornabe. Photo: Courtesy of Jafeth Zablah

As soon as you arrive into the main road, which is parallel to the beach in Tornabe, take a left. You Will soon see a two-story house that has a sign that reads Cabañas Laru Beya. Profesor Andrea lives in the house just before the lodge. The property is just across the street from the beach. You will find in basic, but very clean and with all the amenities you need for great beach getaway! To make a reservation, call Andrea Valerio at 9727 3579. I hope you enjoy your Visit to Tornabe as much as I did!