Diving in Atlantida

A destination with the name Atlantis could not be without having a diving offer!

Diving in Atlantida will certainly not disappoint you! Some of the best kept coral reefs in the Caribbean are located in Atlantida! Best of all, there are professional dive operations within Tela that you provide unique diving opportunities, as well as the chance to get your scuba diving certification for future diving experiences. According to the “Healthy Reef Initiative” an NGO that monitors the state of reefs worldwide, and specializes in the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef, the conditions of the reefs in Honduras are above average for the rest of the Caribbean, and in particular, they mention the Capiro Banks as some of the healthiest reefs in the area.

The diving options in Atlantida include the Capiro Reef, which is located within the Bay or Tela, about 8 km off the coast. This reef is extremely healthy and is not subjected to many divers in its waters. This makes it a truly unique experience to dive within these reefs. Diving in Tela is provided by Tela Dive Center, a full service PADI licensed dive operator that can provide all of the diving services in Tela, including getting you scuba certified. Tela Dive Center is located in the Hotel Marsol in Tela, just a couple of blocks from the ocean. The new Tela Coral Aquarium at Honduras Shores Plantation offers an insight to marine life in the Tela reefs!

Tela is actually quite close to the Island of Utila, one of the Bay Islands of Honduras. It is possible to arrange a diving trip to the reefs that surround this island departing from Tela.

Diving in Atlantida is awesome, and now you know how to go about it! Come and explore the underwater world at “Atlantis” and discover the uncrowded and pristine diving paradise. Whether you are an experienced, hard core diver, or a certified diver that enjoys an opportunity to explore the submarine world, you will find that diving in Tela, Atlantida is an experience that you will cherish!

For those of you visiting La Ceiba, I fully recommend a diving and snorkeling at the Cayos Cochinos Marine Reserve. There are daily tours departing from Sambo Creek that take you to Cayos Cochinos. They all include snorkel equipment and plenty of time for this activity. The most reputable tour company to Cayos Cochinos is Tourist Options and we fully recommend them! If you want to dive, it can be arranged via the Eagle Ray Bay Resort at Cayos Cochinos.