Restaurante Cesar Mariscos

Located right on the beach in the heart of Tela, Cesar Mariscos is a legend in Atlantida when it comes to beach front dining!

Although their specialty, as the name clearly states it, is seafood, the menu offers a variety of other options. Ingredients are fresh and a clear emphasis is made on local flavors. The menu is varied and very well executed. Its consistency, as well as outstanding service make of this one of the best restaurants in Tela.  The restaurant is part of the Cesar Mariscos Hotel, and is located right on the pedestrian street, across from the beautiful Tela beaches.

Cesar Mariscos is open daily for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and is undisputedly one of the most distinguished eateries in Tela. The restaurant offers an international bar and a complete wine list for your enjoyment. Their bar proudly features some original cocktails, such as the Mijito Teleno, the main ingredient? Guifiti! Yes that concoction of herbs, roots and weeds that the Garifuna people claim is medicinal and aphrodisiac! Care to taste it? Another true special is their habanero sauce, a true legend that is superb if you are into spicy sauces!