Hotels in Triunfo de la Cruz

Triunfo de la Cruz is a small Garifuna Village on the eastern end of the Bay of Tela. As you know, Tela offers the best beaches in Atlantida, and for that matter, all the Caribbean Coast of Central America. Over time, there have been more and more hotels in Triunfo de la Cruz establishing themselves. You will find anything between a small, Garifuna owned property with very basic services to deluxe condo units with two or three bedrooms. There are really two different settings for Hotels in Triunfo de la Cruz. The first are the hotels within the Garifuna Village itself. These allow you to interact with the community and get a sense of their daily life. These hotels offer a unique sense of place. The other area is on the western end of Triunfo de la Cruz. Here you will find hotels that are modern & better equipped.

For the purposes of this post, I am separating the hotels in two groups. The first refers to the hotels that are within the Garifuna community, and the second refers to the Hotels in Triunfo de la Cruz that are on the western end of the beach.

Hotels within the Garifuna Village of Triunfo de La Cruz

Following is a list of the hotels that are within the Garifuna Village. Please note that we are listing the those that are more established at the time of this post.

Caribbean Coral Inn

This small, intimate 9 room hotel is right on the beach. It offers comfortable rooms in a back to nature setting. The hotel has a pleasant eco-tourism setting and offers much respect for the Garifuna culture it is surrounded with. Do not expect a pool, but the beach is spectacular, and you will not resist the temptation of jumping into it! Bathrooms are spotless and have all the necessary amenities. Rooms at Caribbean Coral Inn have high ceilings and cross ventilation, which keeps them nice and cool at night. The hotel offers restaurant and bar service to their guests. Continental breakfast is included in your room rate. You will be surprised at the friendly, family style atmosphere at this charming property. In my opinion, Caribbean Coral Inn is by far the best of the Hotels in Triunfo de la Cruz Garifuna Village!

Where to stay in Triunfo de la Cruz

Porch frente a habitacion en Caribbean Coral Inn

Coco Cabañas.

An interesting eclectic property located just across the Street from the beach. Beach access is very easy. The property offers a total of 5 units with different capacities. Ideal facilities for a family who wants a large room where everyone will fit. Coco Cabañas has a pleasant setting and service is good. They also offer a variety of tours within Tela and surroundings. This is your second-best alternative within the village of Triunfo de la Cruz.

Hotels in Triunfo de la Cruz

Welcome to Coco Cabañas in Triunfo de la Cruz

Cabañas Colon

A Garifuna owned property that is right on the beach. Basic, clean and friendly. Coco Cabañas offers restaurant service as well as their small cabins with a private bathroom. Some units offer air conditioning.

Hotel Vista Al Mar

A very basic, affordable hotel just next to Coco Cabañas. This is a cement building that evidently will one day have a second floor. Most rooms have a/c, which is a must considering that the ceiling is low, and no cross ventilation exists. Polished cement floors and private bathrooms are part of the amenities. They also have a spacious restaurant. They are just across the street from the beach.

Hotels in Triunfo de la Cruz

A basic alternative in Triunfo de la Cruz

Hotels in Triunfo de la Cruz New Hotel Zone

The Western end of the Triunfo de la Cruz beach has seen some spectacular growth in the past years. There is a total of three properties in this neck of the woods. Two are small, intimate boutique hotel like properties, and the larger one is a condo hotel with spacious two- and three-bedroom units right on the beach with a spectacular infinity style pool. If you are looking for a secluded beach area with few beachcombers, this is great alternative.

Hotels in Triunfo de la Cruz

Welcome to the Tourist Zone in Triunfo de la Cruz, Tela Bay

Playa Escondida

This if by far the largest and most complete hotel in Triunfo de la Cruz. A three-story condo unit with two- and three-bedroom apartments that are fully furnished provides the perfect spot to relax. Full-service kitchen in each unit, however they also have a very nice restaurant on premises that is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The infinity pool is large and provides a magnificent view of the Caribbean Sea. The beach is secluded and ideal for a swim, as well as for a pleasant stroll! You cannot go wrong at Playa Escondida!

Hotels in Triunfo de la Cruz

Playa Escondida hotel offers the best hotel facilities in Triunfo de la Cruz en Triunfo de La Cruz

Hotel Casa de Piedras del Mar

A small intimate 5-bedroom home doubles up as a boutique hotel on the beach. This property is ideal for families and Friends. A large apartment provides a spacious common area and 4 independent rooms, each with their own private bathroom. Rooms are all air conditioned. The property has a small pool right on the beach, as well as a full-service restaurant and bar. Very nice setting on the beach, which is very private. Staff at Casa Piedras del Mar is very friendly!

Hotels in Triunfo de la Cruz

Are you ready to relax in a hammock with a great view of the Caribbean?

Villa Escondida

Villa Escondida is right next to Hotel Casa Piedras del Mar and share the same beach area.  The Rosa Negra Restaurant is part of the complex. Rooms are spacious and have a balcony with a view to the Caribbean. The rooms all have air conditioning and of course a private bathroom with hot water. Cable TV, and wifi are also part of the amenities. They have a small pool, but it really does not have a view. However, the beach facilities are very chic and you will not want to leave the beach!

Hotels in Triunfo de la Cruz

Comfort and good taste are evident at Villa Escondida in Triunfo de la Cruz