Sambo Creek Canopy Tours

A tour operator that offers the longest zip line or canopy tour in Atlantida, which also has an exotic natural hot springs within its facilities.

This tour operator is located in the Garifuna Community of Sambo Creek, and is one of the two tour operators that operate Canopy Tours in Atlantida. Their facility is the longest Canopy Tour in the area, offering a total of 13 cables, one actually 2/3 of a mile long! They are also the only outfit in Atlantida that offers natural hot springs, which are located adjacent to their Canopy Tour. The Hot Springs include a relaxing massage as well as mud bath, and of course, plenty of time to relax in the natural hot springs in the lovely natural pools that form below small waterfalls as the creek runs off the mountain towards the Caribbean Sea below. They also offer a variety of other tours such as guided tours of Sambo Creek and to Cayos Cochinos.