If you are looking for a relaxed, beachfront restaurant in a typical Garifuna village, then you are probably looking for Chamorro’s restaurant!

Chamorro's Restaurant

Located on the beaches just east of the Garifuna Village of Corozal, and under a pleasant and cool thatched roof structure, Chamorro’s is an authentic Garifuna Restaurant. In Corozal, the day begins as the fishermen return from the sea with their daily catch of fish. Chamorro’s Restaurant is always there when they arrive, to insure the best and freshest catch of day to serve on your plate!

This is a meeting place for locals and tourists who come here to enjoy the seafood soups, as well as the fresh fish or seafood dishes, al marinated and cooked to perfection. The ample area has a children’s playground, as well as some smaller private thatched roof huts for those who are seeking to have a more private setting for an important business meeting.