National Parks in Tela

The city of Tela is right on a lovely bay on the western end of Atlantida. Half of the protected areas in Atlantida are to be found within or around Tela. As such, it is a perfect hub to plan visits to the different National Parks in Tela. Without doubt, the most visited national parks in Tela are the Jeannette …

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Botanical Gardens in Atlantida

Atlantida was the headquarters for the large banana companies that helped develop Atlantida and Honduras. As such, there are several botanical gardens in Atlantida that were established by them. Without doubt, the largest and most famous is the Lancetilla Experimental Botanical garden in Tela. This experimental garden was developed under the supervision of Dr. Wilson Popenoe, who spent most of …

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Bird Watching in Atlantida

Birding, or bird watching in Atlantida is certainly one of the activities that is on the rise. Central America has carved itself a niche in this specialty tourism activity, and Atlantida in not only on board, it offers some of the best birding in Central America. The fact that Atlantida has a total of 7 protected areas within its territory! …

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