Cangrejal River Rafting in La Ceiba

Let the adventure begin! Today I will do some Cangrejal River rafting. This intense activity consists in navigating the Cangrejal River rapids in an inflatable raft. Of course, I will be doing it with experts, and I have chosen to use the services of Omega Tours, one of several rafting outfitters in the Cangrejal River. Their facilities are within walking distance of my hotel, and therefore, I set out for a short twenty-minute hike. Once there, I met my fellow adventurers, put on a helmet and life vest and was ready for the short hike to the river. I was told that the river is rather low, due to a prolonged dry spell, and that therefore, our activity will include river hiking and body surfing before we start the actual rafting.

Cangrejal River Rafting

Hiking in the Cangrejal River. Photo: Omega Tours

My adventure buddies include a group of expats that live in Copan Ruinas. They are a friendly bunch and invited me to visit them soon to discover the Sacred Valley of the Macaws. Once at the river, we jump in swim across the swift current and make it to the opposite bank. From there we hike a short distance, climb a rock and then jump into the crystal-clear waters below. We continue this activity, which they call “River Hiking” for a few minutes and have a heck of a time. What a magnificent river the Cangrejal is! The scenery is spectacular: huge river boulders, clear water and lush tropical jungles on either bank. At one point, we are ready to head back downriver to the rafts. To do so, we jump in and let the swift current take us down the river while we body surf several small rapids.

River Hiking, A Great Introduction to the Rio Cangrejal!

Back to the rafting experience, we begin with a short, but thorough introduction, getting familiar with different commands. Forward, Backpaddle, Hi-side, etc. Once aboard our rafts, we practice in a small eddy to make sure we have everything right and are paddling as a team. Today there are two rafts and two security kayaks in our group. From the beginning of the tour, there is s feeling of competition in the air. We want to be better than the other group and work hard to follow the instructions that Darwin our guide calls out.

Ready for out Adventure rafting the Cangrejal River!

The river offers a continuous series of rapids and pools. As we navigate the rapids, we can feel the adrenaline pumping through our body. It takes a fair amount of effort to stay in focus and follow the commands. But it is very satisfactory to see that we can navigate through the boulders thanks to the leadership of our guide.

Before we know it we have arrived to the take out. Because the river is low, it is not worth continuing further. We are a bit frustrated that the ride was so short, but Darwin explains that we will run the same stretch again! Yay! We are all delighted and get ready for a second round. This Cangrejal River rafting is better than I ever imagined!

Cangrejal River Rafting

Celebrating and enjoying a quiet moment in the river. Photo: Omega Tours

Without doubt, our second run of the Cangrejal River rafting experience is without doubt better. Although we have already navigated the river before, we want this time to be perfect. We felt like we were now professional rafters competing against the other rafting team. Upon reaching our take out for the second time, we went back to the Omega tours facility. I had such a great time, that I did not notice that I was very hungry. Fortunately, lunch is included in the tour, so I sat down with my new buddies and had a splendid plate of spaghetti and some delicious natural fruit juice.

During lunch, we all agreed that our Cangrejal River rafting experience had been outstanding. Certainly, a highlight of our time visiting Atlantida in Honduras. Something that I would love to do again. As a matter of fact, I am already planning a trip with family and friends to the Cangrejal River Valley. I want them all to experience the Cangrejal River rafting. An experience that I will cherish for many years!