A Visit to Triunfo de La Cruz in Tela

Triunfo de la Cruz is one of the more popular Garifuna villages on the Bay of Tela. As such, it has been on my radar. Thus, I planned a visit to this traditional Garifuna community to find out what it has to offer. Each Garifuna community has its own, special atmosphere and traditions. Triunfo de la Cruz is no exception. …

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Exploring Corozal, a Garifuna Village in La Ceiba

There is no question that the Caribbean coast of Honduras is Garifuna territory. The municipality of La Ceiba is no exception and has two different Garifuna villages: Corozal and Sambo Creek. Today I am exploring Corozal, a Garifuna village that I fell in love with. It is very easy to get to Corozal. It stands next to the CA13 highway …

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