Tour to the Pico Bonito Butterfly Garden & Serpentarium

Tucked away in the land surrounding the exclusive Lodge at Pico Bonito, you will find a unique butterfly garden and a serpentarium with some of the most venomous and beautiful snakes of Pico Bonito.

Do you like butterflies and snakes? If so, a tour of the Pico Bonito Butterfly Garden and Serpentarium is for you! Although the facilities are mainly for the enjoyment of their guests, these two attractions can also be visited by tourists if they purchase a tour through the Lodge.

If you are driving your own car, from La Ceiba take the CA13 highway in direction to Tela, (obviously, if you are coming from Tela, take in direction to La Ceiba.) Approximately around km 175 within the village of El Pino, you will see a big sign next to the road indicating the entrance to the Lodge at Pico Bonito. The detour will be on the south side of the road, which is the one towards the mountains. This is a dirt road that you can drive year round with any type of a vehicle. You will need to drive about 4 km. (about 2.5 miles) to get to the detour indicating the access to the Pico Bonito butterfly garden and serpentarium.

On the corner of the intersection you will find a security building where you must register. The watchman will provide you with instructions, and you can continue to the butterfly garden and serpentarium for the tour and pay your entrance fee there. (currently, the price is $6.00 US per person).

The Serpentarium
The Serpentarium is a small building that holds a dozen and a half snakes in glass cages. Since there are branches and plants within the cages, you might have to strain your eyes to actually spot the snakes. These are usually very still and blend into the vegetation within their cages. You will find a variety of snakes including the most poisonous snake of Central America: the Fer de Lance, known locally as the “barba amarilla” or yellow beard. You will also enjoy the beautiful tiny yellow eyelash viper. All the snakes here are native to Pico Bonito National Park.
The Butterfly Garden
The butterfly garden is a much larger facility, which is completely enclosed with a net to prevent the butterflies from flying off. You will find a variety of different plants within this facility. All of them are all host plants to the different species of butterflies that live within the garden. Butterflies use some they use as host plants to plant their eggs. Others are used by the pupae where the insect transforms itself from a bug to a beautiful butterfly. Yet others are used as food by the butterflies. This is certainly a great spot to take pictures with the butterflies fluttering about in a lovely garden with colorful flowers.

A tour to the Pico Bonito butterfly garden and serpentarium will certainly be a fun activity for all members of the family. Access is easy, so it does not matter if you are with a group of elderly persons or with children, they will all enjoy the tour to the Pico Bonito butterfly farm and serpentarium.


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