Restaurante Luces del Norte

The Luces del Norte Restaurant offers its delicious dishes every day of the week from 7 in the morning until 9 at night.

Tela - Restaurante Luces del Norte

This restaurant, an icon of Tela, was founded in 1982, and has grown into a tradition of delicious flavors and generous portions. Its specialty is the classic seafood soups, as well as its very well made paellas. Details of the new Atlántida cuisine have been added to the gastronomic proposal, lightening the dishes, giving them a new air of modernity, although always under the motto of prudence and the consent of a loyal diner. This is especially evident in salads that now feature fruit and vinaigrette options. It can be called signature cuisine, product, traditional and avant-garde, but in summary and what counts is that it is tasty, well balanced and well presented. For the little ones in the family, they offer a children’s menu, and for the not so young they offer free Wi-Fi.

Luces del Norte is located on Avenida Panamá, calle Dionisio de Herrera in front of Escuela Miguel Paz Barahona, just one block from the beaches of Tela, in a very central location.