Grissy’s Hotel

Tela - Grissy's Hotel

A truly pleasant hotel located next to the beaches in the Bay of Tela. It is located in the Barrio Paraiso neighborhood, to the west of Tela Airport, in the direction of the Garifuna Village of San Juan. The Grissy’s Hotel offers 21 rooms and suites, all fully appointed with air-conditioning, private bar and hot water. The top floor offers great views of the Bay of Tela and is the perfect spot to enjoy a sunset with a cold beer or your favorite cocktail. Grissy’s Hotel is committed to promoting local art, and proudly features paintings by local artists throughout the property, both in the rooms as well as in public areas. The hotel also has private parking, a pool and restaurant bar. Their slogan, which translated from Spanish to English would read something like “creating a happy guest” is proof of their commitment to quality guest service. English and Spanish are widely spoken by the owners, who are always on the premises.