La Ceiba

La Ceiba Carnival and other events

La Ceiba’s warm, friendly atmosphere, its proximity to the Caribbean Sea, and a happy go lucky attitude that its inhabitants have adopted, makes of it the perfect place for fun! Although the Carnival in La Ceiba is world famous, there are actually many other dates that are worth keeping in mind when planning your visit to La Ceiba. Following is …

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Reefs and Cays

Atlantida is on the Caribbean Coast of Honduras, and as such offers a variety of reefs and Cays. Without doubt, the most famous diving destination in Atlantida is Cayos Cochinos, also known as the Hog Cays, a small archipelago that consists of two small islands and 13 tiny cays. Cayos Cochinos is a protected area, and as such, there are …

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Atlantida’s Banana Republic Heritage

Atlantida’s Banana Republic Heritage is evident throughout the destination. In line with these land concessions, the National Congress of Honduras created the department of Atlantida in 1902, paving the road for development and facilitating the growth of the Banana Companies. Within Atlantida, these land concessions were made to the Tela Railroad Company and to the Vacaro Brothers Company. The first …

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