Atlantida Offers Some of The Wonders of Honduras!

Semprende, one of the ministries within the Central Government of Honduras is organizing an effort to identify 30 Wonders of Honduras! This bicentennial project is a follow up on a previous effort that took place in 2011. Back then, a campaign to identify, nominate and vote for unique sites in Honduras took place. Voting was promoted by social media and internet, and the result were the original 30 Wonders of Honduras. When all was said and done, Atlantida came out with two Wonders of Honduras within its territory!

Which are the Wonders of Honduras in Atlantida?

The Cangrejal River, just outside of La Ceiba was voted a strong eighth place! We call the area, which locals refer to as the Cuenca del Cangrejal, as the Cangrejal River Valley. This is synonymous of Adventure and Nature Travel. The Cangrejal River is truly spectacular and unique: crystal clear waters and huge building size boulders create a wondrous setting. The dense rainforests of Pico Bonito and Nombre de Dios National Parks color the riverbanks in different shapes of green. The steep descent of the river provides a perfect setting for white water rafting and kayaking. As a matter of fact, this is the only river in Honduras where this sport is available throughout the year. Huge boulders produce Class III and IV rapids as well as calm eddies throughout its inexorable flow towards the nearby Caribbean Sea.

Wonders of Honduras in Atlantida

Enjoying some “river hiking” in the Cangrejal River. Photo: Omega Tours

The Cangrejal River Valley offers easy access to the two National Parks. Best of all, there are many hotels, restaurants and tour operators that offer a variety of services to tourists visiting the area. Amazingly, the Cangrejal River Valley is only 12 miles from the port facility where the Utila and Roatan ferries operate from! This makes visiting this Wonder of Honduras in Atlantida an easy venture that no one should miss! You can even plan on a short, one day trip from the islands to the Cangrejal River Valley. But then again, even better, you should spend a couple of days and enjoy this wondrous destination to the max!

The Lancetilla Botanical Garden is another Wonder of Honduras

The Lancetilla Botanical Garden is a totally unique site. Not only is it the largest tropical botanical garden in the World. It has also played an important role in the development of Honduras as an agricultural powerhouse. This is where the first rambutan and mangosteen plantations were planted in Central America. It is also where the first African Palm plantations came to be. Efforts by the Tela Railroad company to position Honduras as the number one banana producer 100 years ago took place in Lancetilla.

Wonders of Honduras in Atlantida

Lancetilla Gardens Bambu Tunnel

Thus the Cangrejal River and the Lancetilla Botanical Garden share the honor of being the two Wonders of Honduras in Atlantida. There is no doubt that there are many other sites in Atlantida that deserve this designation. Do you know of one that you think should be included in the bicentennial edition of the Wonders of Honduras? I can think of several! Allow me to invite you to nominate your favorite destination in Atlantida to be part of this select group. To do so, visit the Marvels of Honduras webpage and nominate your favorite sites.