Atlantida is Spanish for “Atlantis”! Yes there really does exist a place on Earth called Atlantida! It is located in the heart of Central America’s Caribbean and offers the best of two unique worlds: The World of adventure in Central America and the romantic beaches of the Caribbean. Who would have thought this combination was even possible?

Politically, Atlantida is the name of a “Department” in Honduras, which is more or less the equivalent to a state or a province, and has existed since 1902. Atlantida came to be as the capital of the original Banana Republic, and to this day is the local headquarters of the Standard Fruit Company (Dole) in Honduras. Geographically, it is located between the Caribbean Sea and the rugged Nombre de Dios Mountains. Atlantida is the gateway to the best beaches and reefs in the Caribbean and offers outstanding diving and snorkeling as well as some of the best nature and adventure activities in Central America!

The City of Tela
The City of La Ceiba
Cangrejal River Valley

Atlantida is the perfect destination for the active tourist, and yet offers unique options to simply relax and enjoy.

Don’t forget that Atlantida or “Atlantis” is also the gateway to the Caribbean! There are regularly scheduled ferries and flights from La Ceiba to the Bay Islands of Honduras every day, so coming and going between these two great destinations is as simple as can be! Come and discover Atlantida for yourself, and have the vacation of your lifetime!

Places in Atlantida

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